Make Your Website Usable For Users

Once the core development and design for a website is developed, usability becomes the most important aspect for a website.

Imagine: that your website has been developed on one of the most latest and advanced technology. In addition to that, your website has one of the most intriguing and beautiful designs for itself. But the overall blend of design and script is not usable for its audience. This simply retards the purpose of the website and sends all of the efforts to garbage.

So in short, Usability is the science which makes a website work for its audiences in the desired manner. Usability is a blend of design, technology and content which only intrigues its audiences but is the leading factor in retaining them.

“Something which is not usable is not sellable.”

Disheartening, but as a matter of fact, usability is still overlooked quite often in most of the websites. Even when it’s one of the most important aspects of a website, still most of the websites usually rank quite low in usability. There are various factors owing to which usability is not justified, to name a few:

After a certain level of achievements in development and design, the magnitude of success for a website is certainly dependent upon its degree of usability. Here are some of the common/popular features which are important in respect to the usability of a website:

 By Sam
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