Evolving Trends of eScooter Application Development and Market

There was a time when the scooter was a popular trend among students riding them to school or sometimes colleges. And let’s face it: the trend of owning a car or a sports car ruined those days when people were just happy with their small scooters which were considered as a smart solution to avoid heavy traffic on the road. You wouldn’t have believed if someone told you that you can still drive your scooter to your workplace just like school days.

Well, the trend is definitely changing and eScooters have now become a trending solution which we forgot about a long time back. With some improvisations to the original concept of the scooter, eScooters now owe their popularity in the growing on-demand commutation industry. One can compare the same with the experience of a phone when technology geeks used advancement to transform the use of smartphones to another level.

And seems like, the trend changed for eScooters as well. The growing demand for eScooter application development serves as proof that we are thinking about the environment again and switching back to the basics but alongside technological advancement this time.

Timeline of eScooters

The timeline is well described in the image clearly defining how the eScooter market is surging in a good speed alongside eScooter app development.

Electric Scooter Market Trends and Important Statistics

eScooter market growth expected to reach USD 41.98 billion by 2030

With the increasing demand of eScooter, the study by Grand View Research Inc. confirmed market growth by nearly USD 41.98 billion by 2030. The report also anticipates that Asia Pacific might lead the market by USD 26.25 billion around the globe by 2030 considering the major manufacturers and automakers resided in that continent.

Electric Scooters and Bicycles sales to reach 50 million units by 2020

As per Statista reports, the retail sales of electric scooters and Bicycles are projected to reach over 50 million units by the end of 2020. In 2018, the sales amount was reported near 44.39 that was increased to 46.89 by 2019.

Monthly installs of Lime and Bird eScooter sharing applications

As per the reports by Sensor Tower, the downloads of Lime and Bird application reached over 880,000 in the United States which was seven times more than initial days of 2018. The monthly downloads of both applications eventually increased by 580% between January and July.

What is the Future of Electric Scooters?

Looking at the statistics and revenue growth of eScooter application development and demand of electric scooters among consumers, the future of eScooter application development seems quite promising. Owebest Technologies helps in developing the best eScooter application using trending technologies keeping recent trends in ming. The model is improvising with the latest advancement and it holds a better success rate in the future.

Speaking of better functionality and safety, eScooters might be able to introduce major contributions like the following:

Although what was normal by the clients isn't probably going to happen―the addition of sun-based boards to eScooters, we are anticipating the reconciliation of AI into the model. Artificial Intelligence controlled scooters will have a fractional control include, which will help adjust the eScooters on street and deflect the odds of conflicts between riders. This will guarantee the wellbeing of the riders, giving one more push upwards to the E-Scooter industry.

Why Should Entrepreneurs Choose E-Scooter App Development?

This is where most of the companies feel stuck and end up making either best decision for their firm or maybe the kind that they might regret in future. Well, of course, the decision lies in the hands of the King (entrepreneur), but serving the right facts and information is important to subject matter as well.

We at Owebest Technologies helps you understand the market trends while allowing you to convert your app idea into reality. So, before you turn your heads and start discussing numbers and financial matters, let’s pen down some of the trending resolutions which might help you debate the discussion about eScooter application development in a better manner.

To sum it up,

The unprecedented rise in the eScooter industry is surely appealing with correcting facts and figures on the table. Otherwise, the industry might have failed years back. The height of success and advancement is seen through eScooter application development with entrepreneurs hopping the market on top. The expanded reach of the industry with on-demand transportation domain is commendable too. We being the top-rated app development company help you develop an app that can change the industry offering utmost customer convenience. The growth is promising and with a perfect blend of your creative ideas and implementation, the emerging trend will introduce the era of its own in no time!