Content Speaks For Your Website

 “Words, Words & Words!!!

It is these words, which collect in a cluster, become content of information, convey these treasures of information of one period to generations. Even when three quarters of time passes, one is never in contact with things, but still they know them well because they always have the beastly words that stand up for them.

And the most significant thing about these words is that they detach the affirmation of a speaker and share it across the globe for ages.

Content is one of the basic inputs which create substance in a website. Considering the origin, Internet was originally invented as a hub of abundant information repository.

Though since origin, Internet & Web World have changed a lot paving way to a lot of utilities but still on a whole a website is still just a way to communicate one or other message to its audience. This message in turn should provide the information needed by its audience by answering their questions or satisfy their need for knowledge so as to help them in taking decisions or grooming their level of intellectual ship.

Thus the importance of Content in a website can never be neglected from the point of view of audience. Meanwhile, in the present Search Engine Marketing (SEM) environment, content is the most valued tool to market a website. Thus not even content helps to do an aggressive marketing in web world but also is one of the key factors to retain audiences.

There are some important factors which should always be kept in mind while designing or planning content for a website:

As a matter of fact:
A content rich website having abundance of textual information rather than images will be more Search Engine friendly. Though the technology of search engines is changing rapidly but this is still a fact today.

Even a horrible designed website, which has a lot of information in form of text, will always out perform a site which is beautifully designed but lacks good content in reference to search engine listing.

To give a little insight about collection process, Search Engines collect their data using spiders. These spiders cannot see/read/interpret images or graphics but can see/read/interpret only text. They navigate from page to another by following hypertext links and keep on reading the content of a website on the whole.

Though this doesn’t proves that appearance of the website is less importance. Both appearance and content of a website have their own importance. Both should be used or applied appropriately and in a judicious manner.

By Sam
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