Make Your Website Visually Appealing

As one of the saying goes, Presentation is the key: to sales Thus signifies the importance of appearance of a website. Some of the important characteristics of a good presentation or appearance of a website:

Though some of the acute guidelines which should be followed while designing a website are as follows:

Optimum Use of Colors: The use of colors on a website certainly depends upon the usage of the website and the targets marked. For example an appropriate color scheme will contain about 2 or 3 primary colors that blend well with each other and create a proper mood or tone. Similarly for website such as “Social Networking”, “Search Engines”, “Big Online E-commerce Platform” etc. over which the users are expected to stay for longer durations, always a light color scheme should be used for background or base colors. Here are some other tips:

Easily Readable Text: It should be ensured that the text should be or could be easily read throughout a website. For readability of a text, important factors are the font chosen, the color of the font and the size of the font.

Size of the font is another important aspect. Unusually large fonts if used everywhere often irritates the user. The fonts should be chosen according to the purpose i.e. for headings comparatively large fonts can be used but for long text usually the font size around 10 -12 pts is preferred. The font size also depends upon the targeted audience though. According to different purpose, a fixed set of font sizes should be defined and followed throughout the website.

Meaningful Graphics: With the ever evolving lifestyles of people, they always want to capture most of the information in least of the time. This is where meaningful graphics play the most important part as they not even lend visual variety but they also add to the appeal of an otherwise boring page of text. The meaningful graphics have a no-limit boundaries though a major classification is as follows:

Quality Photography: The importance of photography can be easily understood by reviewing the comments from Frederick R. Barnard: “a picture paints a thousand words”. Optimum use of quality images is by far the simplest way increase visual appeal of any website and imparting information in the quickest manner. Since beginning of the web world, people prefer images over text as they easily & efficiently draw attention of a user and trigger emotion of the audience. Some important points should always be remember while choosing the images:

Simplicity: Last but not the least; the overall appearance should be kept simple, allowing adequate white space incorporating uncluttered layouts allowing viewers to focus on your message. Still the masses are not comfortable browsing overly complex design, animation, or other effects repetitively. Rather people prefer a focused approach, nice and clean presentation so that the audience does not get an impression that the presenter is forcing thoughts and forcibly driving them.